20 ton per day sunflower sesame cooking vegetable oil production line

As a leading oil mill machinery supplier in China, we have earned good reputation in the world’s oil making industry by supplying premium quality machinery and turnkey projects, ranging from small scale to large scale. With rich experience and professional engineering, we are your best choice for the oil press line, including sesame oil production line, sunflower oil production line and more.

Customized vegetable oil production line – sunflower oil production line

Small scale vegetable oil production is an ideal choice for small business. It features low investment since it only requires 2-3 operator, takes up litte production area, achieve continuous and automatic production. More importantly, it produce high quality vegetable or cooking oil. So it will return all your investment within a short time.

Installation of oil press line

We provide soybean oil press line for every vegetable oil production line we built, eliminating all the worries about vegetable oil production line setup. We are expert of oil press line. The production of vegetable oil is not a simple procedure, which including quite a lot of processing steps. With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting vegetable oil production plant as well as large selection of various vegetable oil processing machinery, we are your forever trustable supplier in China.

Typical process of oil press line

Small scale vegetable oil production line is designed to produce natural and premium quality vegetable oil from various plant seeds, including sesame, sunflower, soybean, palm kernel, peanut, rapeseeds, hempseeds, cotton seeds, etc.. Typically, there are several processes within a vegetable oil production line: oil-bearing seeds pre-treatment, pre-pressing,  extraction and refining.

Pre-treatment: It means to clean, hull, crush, flake, cook, soften and more to ensure your raw material is well prepared for oil pressing.
Pre-pressing: Use professional oil milling machinery to press oil out from raw material.
Extraction: It will maximize the oil yield and produce high quality crude oil.
Refining: It refers to remove impurities from the oil for cooking or edible purpose

Main equipment in the vegetable oil production line

Efficient vegetable oil production line involves a series of procesing steps, so what’s kind of equipment should be installed in the vegetable oil production line. For pre-treatment section, it may need cleaning sieve, destoning machine, crusher, flaker, cooker and others. For pre-pressing and extraction section, the oil milling machinery is indispensable. It can small screw oil presss, integrated oil extraction machine and large oil extraction press. As for oil refining sector, it demands oil filters, like plate and frame oil filter press, pressure leaf filter machine or other. All in all, we can supply all the equipment within a vegetable oil production line, both small and large scale.

Turnkey projects of soybean oil press line

No. Project Country No. Project Country
1 150TPD Waste Palm Oil Degumming and Dewatering Line Australia 5 10TPD Palm Oil Fractionation Plant Cote D’Ivoire
2 100TPD Soybean Oil Mill Plant & 20TPD Soybean Oil Refining Plant Zambia 6 10TPD Soybean Oil Plant Refinery Line Mauritius
3 30TPD Cottonseed Oil Refinery & Fractionation Plant Afghanistan 7 20TPD Copra Oil Mill plant Philippines
4 10TPD Coconut Oil Refinery Line Cote D’Ivoire 8 150TPD Sunflower Seed Oil Mill Plant Russia

FAQs about our soybean oil press line

How many kinds of oil seeds this vegetable oil production line can process?
It is suitable for most oil seeds, but we suggest to process no more than 3 kinds of oil seeds at the same time.
How about the installation of sesame oil production line?
Every project will have a team of professional engineers that is in charge of installation, commissioning and technical instruction and trains.
How long can I get the price of the processing equipment?
Generally, our sales will offer the price within 24 hours. If you are urgent, please directly call us.


What’s the warranty time of the oil milling machinery?
In general, all our products are guaranteed with 1 year warranty.


How large it will take up of this vegetable oil production line?
It will depends on the production capacity.