Maize/corn multiple product processing technology can enhance largely corn processing equipment for corn deep processing and can be more comprehensive utilization and development of raw grain. In the process of Maize corn multiple product processing technology , the peeling off maize can be divided into four kinds of materials after crushing and classification ,.the first fragment returns the crushing equipment, the second big maize grits after selected embryos, which become a finished product maize grits. Choose embryos selected embryos of ballastless mixture or pressing alone, or together with the third material sizing screen to pressing, and then screening, corn germ can be got. Screen embryo screening went out of the small holes of corn flour mill flour, sizing screen of 4 kinds of material into the sieve sieve machine. Undersize content of corn flour, oversize return systems continue to flour. Corn processing equipment combined process specific process flow chart is illustrated below.
Select the embryonic embryo ballast mixture or separate veneer, or together with the third layer of grading material to go to the embryo, and then screening, you can get corn embryo. Sieve sieve out of the corn ballast to the mill grinding, grading the fourth material into the sifter powder sieve powder. Sieve for the corn flour, sieve on the material to return to the system to continue grinding.