YZYX95B edible oil making line factory belongs to strong spiral oil expeller range, the pressure in the chamber is big, especially good for squeezing oil from oil seeds with high oil content, shells or heavy fibers, such as sesame, groundnut, tung seed, corn germ and camellia seed, etc. The processing capacity is 145kgs/h, oil content of residue cake  is ≤8%.

Quality Standard

1. Conform to JB/T9793·1-1999 of the People’s Republic of China.

2. ISO9001:2008 and BV certified.
After-Sale Service

1. We supply spare all year around.

2. We supply technical solutions and helps for buyers at any time.

3. We have professional engineering team help users design and plan oil refinery’s construction.

Model YZYX95B
Processing capacity (t/24h) 3.5~4.0
Oil content of dry cakes (%) ≤ 7.8%
Squeezing power (KW) 7.5~11
Measurement (mm) 1620×580×1165
Spiral axes rotate speed (r/min) 26-36
Weight (KG) 528