large scale shea butter oil making machine corn germ oil extraction process machine



1.Why choose us?
1.We are Made in China Gold Supplier for  years in business of sunflower oil press machine.
2.We are a factory manufacturing edible oil machine,best production capability,best quality control, Best Service.
3.Inspected by the Inspection Institution of Bureau Veritas Certification.
4.100% QC inspection Before Shipment.
5. CE listed,competitve price  groundnut oil press machine.

2. What is the oil press machine?
 1. Products:
Our products are edible oil press machine, edible oil extraction machine with solvent and edible oil refining machine. It’s applicable to peanut oil press, soybean oil press, palm kernel oil press, sesame oil press, rice bran oil press, rapeseed oil press, cottonseed oil press, sesame oil press, copra oil press, castor oil press,sunflower oil press,pumkin seed oil press,corn germ oil press,bancoul oil press, walnut oil press, mustard seed oil press, avocado kernel oil press, shea nut oil press, pine nut oil press, grape seed oil press,almond oil press,tea seed oil press, pepper seed oil press,etc.
We can supply oil press machine for 1 ton to 2000tons per day.
By the customers requirement we can provide cooking oil press machine, cooking oil making machine, cooking oil extractor or cooking oil refinery machine. Any part of this edible oil producing line can be supplied by us.
 2. Customers:
We have customers from all over the world like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,and Canada,
Chile, Argentina,Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia , Turkey, More than 30 countries and areas.
 3. Advantage:
(1) Simple design, low consumption and light weight, easy to handle and move.
(2) Easy for operating, low labor intensity and high economical profit.
 4. Features:
1,simple operation, high yield rate, low consumption, motor can be customized.
2,Wide range of capacity for more choices of our customer.
3,Wide application of oil press for more cost-effective solution.


1.coconut oil press machine, cold pressed machine
2. suitable for coconut, soybean, corn germ, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, rice bran, cottonseed, tea seed, sunflower seed oil press
3. pure oil, edible oil quality
4. various capacity:  10t/d, 20t/d, 30t/d, 40t/d, 50t/d, 60t/d, 70t/d, 80t/d,100t/d, 150t/d
5. used for hot and cold press for coconut


Other products:

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1.What’s the warranty of the machine?
12 months free guarantee and life long standard paid service.

2.What is the raw material of your machinery?
Stainless steel or carbon steel.

3.When can I get the price?
Within 24 hours, if urgent ,please contact us directly.

4.How to ask the quotation?
Please inform us your oilseeds and your target capacity per day,then we will send our advices with equipment list to you at once.

5.Can we ask the oil press for different types of oil ?
Yes you can! But we recommend no more than 3 kinds of oils.

6.How large land to build the oil plant?
The land area required usually depends on the capacity of your plant. We can calculate the area needed and give you the plant designs.

7.How long will it take to get my products?
Generally, it depends on your capacity. If you just need single machine, it just needs 7-15 days. If you need the complete production line, we should negotiate the time.

8.Do you install the production line and train our stuffs for free?
Yes we do. We’ll send professional installation engineers to help you install the equipment and train your workers freely.