Oil making machine is a single screw oil press, which is mainly composed of feeder, gear box, press cage, screw shaft and frame. Compact structure, high oil output and small floor space.

sesame oil press is a machine that extrudes grease from oil by raising the temperature and activating the oil molecules with the help of external mechanical forces.

It is suitable for all kinds of oil crops, such as peanuts, soybeans, sesame, flaxseed and so on.
The Oil Pressing Machine has high hardness and strength, strong wear resistance and long useful life.

This machine is energy-saving and economic, can save 40% of electronic power and manpower. The application of our Oil Pressing Machine will increase oil yield and create more economic benefits.

The Advantage Of Oil Mill Machine

1. High oil rate – Compared with the old equipment, the normal rate of oil can be higher than 2-3 percentage points, the annual economic benefits are considerable.
2. Energy saving – The same output reduces electric power by 40%.
3. Labor savings – Equal production saves labor by 60%, and production can be organized by 1-2 persons.
4. Wide use – It can squeeze peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and more than 30 kinds of oil crops.
5. Small footprint – It takes 10-20 square meters to be used.

Item Specification
ZX85 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 60-80 kgs/h

Capacity: 1.4-2 T/ 24hrs

Power: 5.5 kw-4P

Size: 1200*400*900mm

Weight: 260 kgs

ZX105 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 150-200 kgs/h

Capacity: 3.5-5 T/ 24hrs

Power: (7.5-11 kw)-6P

Size: 1600*700*1350mm

Weight: 530 kgs

ZX125 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 210-300 kgs/h

Capacity: 4-7 T/ 24hrs

Power: 15 kw-4P

Size: 1850*700*1350mm

Weight: 580 kgs

ZX128 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 300-375 kgs/h

Capacity: 7-9 T/ 24hrs

Power: 15 kw-6P

Size: 2000*800*1170mm

Weight: 720 kgs

ZX130 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 450-500 kgs/h

Capacity: 10-12 T/ 24hrs

Power: 18.5 kw-6P

Size: 2010*800*1380mm

Weight: 820 kgs

ZX150 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 750-850 kgs/h

Capacity: 16-20 T/ 24hrs

Power: 30 kw-6P

Size: 2180*790*1790mm

Weight: 1060 kgs