1. More than 30 years of experience in manufacturing oil press.

2. 7 patents of oil press technology.

3. Full inspection before delivery,  quality pass rate more than 98%.

4. More than 300 professional workers. 10% of them are mechanical engineers technicians.

 5. Widely used in our life, have been exported to more than 70 countries.

  Product Characteristic:

YZYX90WK has function of auto controlling the temperature of the press chamber, replaced the traditional way by squeezing residue cake, which could shorten the preparation work, reduce the energy consumption and machine’s abrasion. When the squeezing is suspended, the temperature can be maintained by this system.

And it has special advantages as below:  


1. Make oil from seeds and nuts.. Oil is for cooking and residue cake is for animal feed or fertilizer.The spiral squeezing structure can achieve high oil output, thus the oil content of the residue cake is low.

2. High working efficiency! Oil press of spiral type just need process the oil plants by one time to get the maximum oil. The cprocessing capacity is 9-11ton per 24 hours.

3. Make high quality healthy oil! Physical squeezing craft maximally keeps the nutrients such as the protein, fatty acids and minerals, etc.No chemical substances left.

4.  Long durability!  All the parts are made of the most suitable material and treated with refined crafts, such as cemented quenching and tempering to increase the hardness, consequently the durability.Just need replace the wearing parts. The main machine can run for more than 10 years.

(a) 20# carbon steel is used for the press loops and press spirals. Carburization and air-hardening skills have been adopted to treat the core parts which increase the hardness and lengthen the service life.

(b) The press cage, adjusting bolt, etc are made of ductile iron, thus the hardness and durability are pleasantly high.

(c) The big gear in the generation box is m ade of high quality casting steel. Don’t worry about the long term running.

5. Adopting screw squeezing structure, the squeezing power is strong and the residue oil of cake is ≤6, lower than other types of oil press. Besides, the squeeze spirals and squeeze loops can be disassembled and dismountable. When they are out of service period, users only need to replace the press loops and spirals, no need to displace the whole machine.

6.  Easy for installation and assembly.


Working principle:

Under the combined effects of several forces, such as the pressure generated as the space in the squeeze chest becoming smaller, the propulsion of the revolving spiral axes, the resistance of the multilateral arc curves on the squeeze loops, the extrusion & friction between the oil plants, oil squeezed from the oil plants comes out from the squeeze bars and the grooves of the squeeze loops. The residue is conveyed to the end of the press chest and discharges in thin strips of oil cake from the space between the cake adjuster and the loop for cake out. Then the whole separation process of oil from oil plants is completed.

Applicable oil plants and Business:

YZYX90WK suits for :

1.  More than 30 types of oil plants, such as rapeseed, cotton seed, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seed, sunflower seed and  palm kernel, etc.

2.  Used in oil factory, oil mill and private oil production workshop.

3.  Good both for pressing raw oil material and roasted oil material.

4. Performs well both in cold pressing and hot pressing.

5. The lower residue oil of the dry cake.