PERFECT FOR COLD PRESS & HOT PRESS:FoundGo Oil Press with two pressing rods for 2 Oil Pressing Processes:Cold/Hot Press. Almost for any oily material including especially small flaxseed and Chia Samen etc. You can freely choose the press rod according to the temperature of the oil press you need!!
SAFETY DESIGN: Specail with removable safety net that prevents children from reaching into the machine.
1800W PRESSING POWER : With high PRESSING POWER, lextraction efficiency can reach 6-9kg / hour. Suitable not only for household but also for commercial use.
FOR MORE THAN 40 MATERIAL: e.g. peanuts, black sesame, white sesame, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, perilla seeds, rapeseed walnuts, tea seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, pepper seeds, soybeans, hemp seeds, olive seeds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, palm trees, camellias.