cotton oil is an edible oil extracted from mature cotton meat. In the tropics, it is the main source of people’s intake of fat from their diet. cotton oil has many uses in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and industry. cotton oil is very stable to heat, which makes it suitable for high temperature cooking, such as when frying food. Due to the thermal stability of cotton oil, it has the characteristics of slow oxidation and rancidity. It can be guaranteed for two years due to high saturated fatty acid content.

Introdcution of 100tpd cotton seeds oil extraction machine

There are two ways to extract edible oil.

One is pressing. After the pretreatment of the material into the press, the machine cake forming a cake, the machine cake residual oil is about 12%, the resulting press oil smell pure, high quality. Press oil is filtered by an automatic blade filter into the refinery.

The other is extraction ( also named leaching ). The extraction method is a kind of oil production process. Using oil and organic solvent mutual dissolution properties, the oil is crush-pressed into a green sheet or puffed, and then contacted with an organic solvent such as n-hexane and an oil green sheet in a device called an extractor. The oil in the oil is extracted and dissolved, and then the solvent in the oil is removed by heating and stripping. The obtained crude oil is further refined to become the final edible oil.

Advantage of 100 t d soyabeen oil plant cost:

(a)Residual oil rate in the dry meal is low.
(b)Improving the quality of the oil.
(c)Low processing cost , high labor productivity.
(d)High automatic and labor saving.

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