The suckling fruit is the fruit of the tree, its fruit is edible, and the nut is used to produce the oil of the Lactobacillus. Shea butter is a delicious fruit like avocado fruit, shea butter, accounted for about half of the volume of stone. Each mature fruit tree can only produce 15 to 20 kilograms of shea butter per year. Because of climate and planting reasons, lactobacillus can only survive on the African continent. As a result, the Shea Butter is extremely precious.

1. The selection of appropriate Shea Butter oil press machine is very important to the quality, oil yield and economic benefit of the oil. The market usually adopts screw press or hydraulic press machine to deal with oil crops, due to the characteristics of shea butter and cocoa butter and coconut oil are similar, their production of raw shea nut, cocoa kernels, dried coconut is a tropical woody high oil soft or hard oil, therefore, can learn from cocoa dried coconut kernel oil production experience, in order to fully prepare oil and to retain nutrients in oil as the principle. In order to study the effect of shea butter and the characteristics of residual oil and oil press in the cake, the domestic 6YY-230 hydraulic press and DSE screw press were tested.

1) two times pressing method of 6YY-230 hydraulic press(can also use bigger type,like HP410/460/500 model Shea Butter oil extraction machine)

Hydraulic press machine has the advantages of simple structure, small power consumption, good quality of cake and other characteristics, but there is also a small production, intermittent production, pressing cycle long, troublesome operation, high labor intensity etc.. The practice related auxiliary equipment includes, the pulverizer, the powder cake machine, the filter. After the first hydraulic press was pressed, a good quality shea butter was obtained, but there was still a considerable amount of shea butter in the cake, and the cake was crushed by the powder machine to make the second press to achieve the highest oil yield and economic benefit. From the process of hydraulic press, the oil is cleaner and lighter. The quality of crude oil after filtration is good, and the value of acid value and peroxide value meet the requirements. The color of cake is also shallow and there is no sign of deepening. Therefore, only the subsequent physical refining of crude oil in 60 to 70 DEG C insulation again in a state of fine filtration, micro filtration is finished refining hydraulic milking practice, hydraulic press machine has obvious advantages in the process of shea nuts, cocoa kernel oil on soft woody oil.

The basic characteristics of DSE screw oil press are convenient operation and large output. In the process of pressing, the color of the oil is dark and the quality is poor, and it is not as good as the hydraulic press in all the indexes of the later test. Compared with the hydraulic press, the temperature is higher during the pressing process, which affects the quality of the oil of the Milky fruit.

The comprehensive appeal experiment shows that both the screw press and the hydraulic press have their advantages and disadvantages, but our company is more inclined to recommend the hydraulic press to extract the oil which can guarantee the good quality of shea butter oil and get higher economic benefits.