Factors Affecting the Oil Yield of Soybean Oil Processing Machine

The Factors of Soybean Raw materials

Soybean oil is derived from soybean seeds and is the most produced oil in the world. Soybean seeds of different sizes, shapes, and colors have different oil content. Among them, yellow soybeans have the most oil content and are the main raw material for oil production. In addition, according to the type of soybean, it can be divided into soybean crude oil and genetically modified soybean oil. Because genetically modified soybeans are cheaper than ordinary soybeans, have high yields and high oil content, genetically modified soybeans are now commonly used to extract soybean oil.

The Factors of Soybean Oil Pressing Process

Soybean has an oil content of 16% to 22%, which is a kind of oil with low oil content. Because soybeans have a small oil content, the oil is usually extracted by pressing or one-time leaching methods. The oil content of the cake obtained after pressing is very high, ranging from 35% to 52%, and the oil can be extracted again. Therefore, cold pressing and low-temperature desolventization (leaching) methods are used. First, use cold pressing to obtain a part of soybean oil and high protein cake, and then use low-temperature desolventization (leaching) to extract the oil in the cake, which can fully extract the oil in soybeans.

Soybean oil uses soybean oil processing equipment to process the oil out through the steps of cleaning, steaming, pressing,filtration and refining. The main process is as follows:

  • Cleaning: Before soybean oil processing, use a cleaning screen to clean up the impurities in the raw materials to avoid affecting the soybean oil processing process and abrading the oil processing equipment.
  • Steaming and stir-frying: The cleaned soybean is transported into the wok for frying, and the temperature and moisture of the rapeseed are adjusted to make it easier to squeeze the oil out of the rapeseed.
  • Pressing: The screw oil press machine is one of the main equipment for processing soybean oil.It extracts soybean oil from raw materials by squeezing and pushing.
  • Filtration: Some impurities remain in the pressed soybean oil, which needs to be filtered through a plate and frame filter to separate the solid suspended impurities. The plate and frame filter has good filtering effect, low filtrate loss, and easy operation of the equipment. It is a kind of filtering equipment with good cost performance.
  • Refining: The filtered pressed soybean oil can be further refined by refining equipment. Soybean oil refining equipment removes peptic impurities, free fatty acids, pigments and odorous substances in soybean oil to improve the quality and value of soybean oil.

 The Factors of oil pressing machine

The oil extraction rate obtained by directly pressed soybean oil from an oil press machine is different from extracting oil after pretreatment.

(1) The direct extraction of soybean oil by the oil press machine will affect the soybean oil yield. The only way to speed up the soybean oil yield is to speed up the quality of soybean oil and the performance of the equipment.

(2)In the pretreatment stage of soybeans, the soybeans will be adjusted to the most suitable state for oil pressing by the oil press machine by changing the temperature, moisture, humidity, and state of the soybeans. Therefore, pressing soybean oil after pretreatment can speed up the yield of soybean oil.