This oil press machine suitable for physical squeezing all kinds of vegetable oil material,such as soybean,cottonseed,peanut,rapeseed,sunflower,teaseed,copra,tung seeds and palm kernel palm pulp,casterseed,jatropha seed ect.With the characteristic of the simple structure, easy operation, energy saving, low noise, high rate of oil, adaptability and continuous operations.

One of this system main features is the energy-saving. The other notable feature is the long pressing chamber, oil seeds is squeezed for a long time, so the less residue oil of cake, the higher rate of output oil.

Reference Parameter:

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Machine Size(mm) Weight(kg)
GL-68 50kg/h 5.5kw 930*490*820 150kg
GL-80 100kg/h 5.5kw 1307*550*1102 300kg
GL-95 200kg/h 7.5-11kw 2155*580*1250 550kg
GL-100 200kg/h 7.5-11kw 2050*550*1180 550kg
GL-120 300kg/h 11-15kw 2150*610*1300 700kg
GL-130 450kg/h 15-18.5kw 2180*610*1480 800kg
GL-160 550kg/h 18.5-22kw 2180*610*1480 900kg
GL-165 700kg/h 22-30kw 2280*620*1680 1300kg


Oil press machine for a wide variety of seeds including dried larvae .
The multifunctional oil press uses the action of mechanical external force to make the oil distributed on the inner and outer surfaces of the material embryo generate heat after being pushed and squeezed by the screw shaft, and escape from the adsorption force of the material embryo and overflow. This process of squeezing out the oil is called oil extraction.

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