Product name
Solvent extraction
country of origin
Henan, China
Product packaging size
Gross weight
Sea port
Wooden box

Q: If i don’t know how to operate this machine ? How can i do ? A: Our machine has been tested ok and fully assembled before shipping, customer just needs to make 2-4hours wear-in and then can work. Q: What’s wear-in for new machine? A: Using 10 KG oil cake + 1KG sand + 1KG water, mix them, put in oil press, wear in 3~4hs. 1. 1st hour, adjust oil cake thickness as 3mm. 2. 2nd hour, adjust oil cake thickness as 2.5mm. 3. 3rd hour, adjust oil cake thickness as2 mm. Q:What are cold press and hot press? A: Cold press is pressing dry and raw seeds. usually need to press 2 tims to get maximum oil. Hot press is pressing roasted seeds. usually only 1 time to get maximum oil. peanuts roast to 125~130 degree with 1~2% moisture. (we produce seeds roaster heated by economical fuel.) Q:What serivice do you provide? A: (1) 1year free warranty, whole lifetime maintenance. (2) Supplying wearing parts all year around. (3) Supplying technical solutions at any time. (4) Helping design and plan the oil plants construction. (5) Providing installation video. (6) Developing agents with good policies around world. Q: How can i become a distributor of Chenzhian? A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

We will appreciated if these following 2 tips contained in your inquiry. Tips1.The raw material is:_______ Tips2.The capacity of the machine you need is:______ Thank you and looking forward to your inquiry,we will response immediately. Make order right now! And why? One of our clients called us for buying wearing parts and he told us that his machine bought from us in 1990s. Its really! So, don’t worry about the quality. Its beter than your think!