Sunflower oil is one of the highly consumed vegetable oils in the world. It is used largely due to its multiple health benefits. It is extracted from the sunflower seeds with the help of different vegetable oil manufacturing machines. These machines, set up in an oil extraction factory, clean the sunflower, cook it to increase oil yield, compress the seeds to extract oil and then filter it to improve the quality of the oil.

Equipment Required to Set up A Small Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

Sunflower oil manufacturing process through a machine is not an overly complicated process. Anyone with drive and determination can start their own mini or small scale sunflower oil plant. The most important part of the process is to understand how to extract oil from sunflower beans, what equipment is required and how much it would cost. When starting a mini/small sunflower oil plant, you will need to invest in sunflower bean oil processing machines.

  • Cleaning Machine

To make sure the sunflower oil produced has a high quality, the sunflower is first cleaned in a cleaner properly. Seed cleaning machine removes dirt, rocks, and all other impurities that can reduce the quality of sunflower oil. The raw material is then dried with the help of a drier and then the sunflower is de-hulled to remove its hulls. These hulls can absorb oil and reduce the overall oil yield. That is why their separation is essential.

  • Cooking Machine

To increase sunflower oil yield, a cooking machine is used to adjust the moisture content so that a large moisture content does not affect the quality and quantity of oil. In this machine, sunflower is heated at a temperature ranging from 60 and 88 °C.

  • Sunflower Oil Press

Sunflower oil expeller press is an important machine used in small or mini sunflower oil plant. The processed and cleaned sunflower is fed in oil pressing machine. In the pressing chamber, the sunflower is pressed with the help of a pressing ring and pressing worm. Due to the pressure, crude oil starts coming out of the sunflower.

  • Oil Filter Machine

Sunflower oil produced in the above step is in its crude form. It must be filtered properly to remove all organic impurities from the crude oil. For this purpose, an oil filter machine is used. It filters the crude oil and separates fatty acids and other volatile compounds that can produce a bad odor and affect the quality of sunflower oil.

  • Sunflower Oil Refining

The filtered oil is further refined in oil refinery plant to increases the quality of oil and make sure no other impurity (phospholipids, off-flavor, pigments, and other impurities) is left behind. In a min or small scale sunflower oil plant, sunflower oil refining machine is optional. You can choose to equip small scale sunflower oil refining machine or not, which all deponds on your sunflower oil business plan and investment budget.

Capacity Main Process
5TPD~10TPD Cooking→Oil Pressing→Oil Filtering
10TPD~20TPD Cleaning→Cooking→Oil Pressing→Oil Filtering→Oil Refining
20TPD~30TPD Cleaning→Cooking→Oil Pressing→Oil Filtering→Oil Refining

 Cost of Establishing a Small Scale Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

The cooking oil manufacturing plant cost for sunflower oil depends on several different factors. The main factors include the plant area, the number of workers and their salaries, the number of machines, and the cost of raw material. The cost of land for a small scale sunflower oil mill will not be very high. You can have cheaper land if you buy/rent it in a rural area. The main thing that will consume most of the budget will be sunflower oil mill machines. Generally, the cost of establishing a mini/small scale small scale sunflower oil plant ranges from $6,500 to $35,000.

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Start Your Own Sunflower Oil Milling Business

The benefits of running your own small scale mini sunflower oil plant, is that you are in control of everything. You decide the selling price, your own work schedule, and you make all of the decisions involving clients. With the right education and machinery, sunflower bean oil can be a highly profitable business. There is very little risk involved and it has a low investment cost in comparison to other oil manufacturing. The machinery involved in small sunflower bean plant does not require much room. It is a great business opportunity for a new entrepreneur or for a seasoned business investor. Farmers who find themselves with excess sunflower beans can put the unused sunflower to use if they have a sunflower bean plant. Most sunflower plant machinery can also process other vegetable oils as well, an even better reason to get started.