The oil press is divided into the following skills in terms of the oil raw materials that need to be pressed, the power supply at the actual operation site, and the actual processing output during the use of the oil press.

Three tips for the use of oil press-selection of raw materials for pressing

Choose according to the oil raw materials that need to be pressed. If you mainly squeeze sesame, almond, walnut and other high-oil content crops, then it is recommended to choose a hydraulic oil press, which is more convenient and quick to operate. If you want to squeeze oil crops such as peanuts, rapeseeds, soybeans, oil sunflowers, tea seeds, etc., it is recommended to choose multi-function screw oil press equipment. The processing range is wider and the processing volume is large, which can meet the needs of processing operations and small and medium-sized Oil plant operations.

Three tips for using the oil press-the actual power supply to choose

Choose according to the power supply at the actual operation site. If there is only 220V two-phase power, it is recommended to choose a small hydraulic oil press and a two-phase electric mobile screw press, both of which are equipped with national standards to ensure sufficient power under the same processing volume.

Three major use skills of oil press-actual processing output selection

Choose the product model according to your actual processing output. For equipment used in small and medium oil plants, it is recommended to use medium and large oil press equipment to guarantee the production and processing volume. If it is a small oil press shop or mobile operation, you can choose two-phase electric oil press equipment.