Project Name – 10TPD Small Soybean Oil Refining Plant Line
Project Location – Zambia
Soybean Oil Refining Unit – Refining Pot, Decoloring Pot, Soapstock Pot, Hot Water Tank, Alkali Liquor Box, Soap Foot Pump, Clay, Decoloring Oil Pump, Decoloring Tank, Vibration Filter, Heat Conduction Oil Pump, etc.
Soybean Oil Refining Process – Neutralizing, Washing, Decoloring, Filtration and Deodorization.
Soybean Oil Packing Process – Blown Bottle, Oil Filling, Glanding, Labelling, and Coding


Small Soybean Oil Refining Plant Line

This small soybean oil refining line, with soybean oil packing system and oil tanks, were ordered by one of our customers in Zambia. He is engaged in the import and export of goods in Zambia, mainly selling palm oil, butter, salt, soap, rice, sugar, fresh food and other products. Due to low transportation cost, good quality of crude soybean oil, he decided to invest on starting up a small scale soybean oil production line to produce edible oil, with capacity 10 tons per day, to enrich his product catalogues and expand market share after thorough market research.

In May 2017, he contacted with us through e-mail. We have established many successful oil processing and refinery projects in the world, and grasp mature oil refining process, especial for edible oils, at the same time, we have rigorous reasonable arrangement about the installation and debugging of every project. In addition, we offered him the good plan relating to cost input and output. Through deliberate market comparison, he finally chose us as his soybean oil refining line supplier. And, he also brought two 100 tons of crude oil tank and a 100 tons of stainless steel oil tank, and soybean oil packaging equipment from us. The design, onsite installation and debugging of the whole soybean oil refinery unit was accomplished under the guidance of our professional engineers.

In April, 2018, this customized small soybean oil refining plant line started to install. The whole construction period was about two months. Our company assigned professional technicians to the site for guidance. The whole project equipment installation, debugging and commissioning were completed under the guidance of our technical staff. At present, the project has been successfully put into operation. And the high-quality edible soybean oil by this soybean oil processing plant has entered the customer’s hot product list.

Why Choose Our Machinery As Soybean Oil Refining Line Supplier?

There are four factors that make our customer choose us as his supplier for the soybean oil refining plant line.

  • Mature soybean oil refining process.
  • Superior quality soybean oil refinery equipment.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Comprehensive service.

In conclusion, choose us, you can get more than you expected. We sincerely hope that we can build more and more oil mill plants, including oil pressing plant and edible oil refinery plant, in the world, and let more and more people, especially the ordinary people, to have easy access to healthier and cheap edible oils. Surely, if you are looking for complete soybean oil production machinery, including soybean pretreatment section, soybean oil pressing section to soybean oil refining section, don’t forget to contact us for more detailed cost evaluation. We are always at your sides!