Soya Oil Pressing Machine Is Getting Popular

Soya oil is usually called soybean oil, pressed out from soybean with oil content of 15.5%-22.7%, which is one kind of common oil plant. As one of the frequently-used edible oil, soya oil has high demand in the edible oil market. Thus, there are more and more people are getting interest in soya oil production process, which increasing the demand of soya oil press machine.

For Small Scale Soya Oil Press Setup

If you want to produce soybean with the output of 1-10T per day, screw oil pressing machine is the most cost-effective choice. Meanwhile, in order to increase the oil yield, drum pan is usually equipped before pressing soybean to heat the soybean to a suitable temperature for pressing. And this method is designed with low price, very suitable for homemade oil, small oil workshop and the people who have idea of bulding soybean oil factory as business.

The Soybean Oil Production (Pressing) Process

Hot pressing: soybean—cleaning—crushing—swelling—extruding—drying—pressing
Operating instructions:

Soybean is screened by 12mesh/inch screen for getting rid of impurities, until the impurity content is less than 0.1%.
Then soybean enters a crusher: the crushing sieve adopts 1.5mesh hole.
After crushing, soybean is extruded, so that the moisture content of soybean reaches around 15%.
The aims of soybean extruding are:

  • To destroy cell tissues of soybeans so that the oil can easily flow out from intracellular;
  • To increase surface area for oilseeds, so that oil outlet area is increased, which greatly shortens the distance when oil leaves soya embryo.

After that, the soybean enters plate dryer for drying, until the moisture is within the range of 7-8% and temperature to 100 to 110 degrees; under such condition, raw material can enter the soybean oil expeller press for pressing. Cake thickness shall be controlled in 1-1.5 mm or so.

Cold pressing: The method includes pretreatment——low-temperature drying——peeling—— color sorting——tempering——cold pressing——filtering.

The soybean can be pressed the whole seed. But when you press it integratedly, remember to strictly control the moisture, general at 8%~10%, and pay attention to heat the oil press until temperature rise up to 80 degrees around can you press the soybean.

In most industrial scale soybean oil mill plant, the soybean oil is processed by solvent extraction. We have built several soybean oil mill plants overseas. You can scroll down this page and send us an message regarding the solvent extraction soybean oil mill plant.