Starting a small-scale sunflower oil production line in Nigeria involves similar steps as elsewhere, but there are some unique challenges and considerations specific to the Nigerian market. Here are some guidelines to help you establish a small-scale sunflower oil production line in Nigeria:

Market Research: Conduct a thorough market research to understand the demand for sunflower oil in Nigeria. Identify potential customers, including local grocers, restaurants, and export markets.

Raw Materials: Nigeria is a major producer of sunflower seeds, which makes it a suitable location for sunflower oil production. However, ensure that you have reliable access to high-quality sunflower seeds at competitive prices.

Processing Equipment: Purchase appropriate processing equipment, such as crushers, separators, and oil presses, suitable for small-scale production. Consider the capacity of the equipment and ensure it meets Nigerian safety and quality standards.

Production Facilities: Set up a production facility that meets Nigerian health and safety regulations. Ensure that the facility is properly ventilated, hygienic, and equipped with necessary safety features.

Skilled Labor: Train your staff on the operation of the equipment and the production process. Ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to produce high-quality sunflower oil.

Marketing Strategy: Develop a marketing strategy that targets local customers and potential export markets. Promote your sunflower oil through local farmers’ markets, grocers, online platforms, or even participate in local trade shows or exhibitions.

Compliance with Regulations: Ensure that your production line complies with Nigerian health, safety, and environmental regulations. Seek guidance from relevant authorities or consultants to ensure your operation is compliant.

Small Scale Sunflower Oil Making Machine

Sunflower oil processing equipment plant is formed by interconnecting many different individual machines. As each customer requires different quality sunflower oil, the configuration and specifications of the sunflower oil production machine are often different. A complete cooking oil milling plant usually includes main oil extraction machine and several auxiliary equipment such as cleaning, conveying, and temporary storage.

Sunflower Oil Production Process Design

The start-up cost of sunflower oil production plant is closely related to process design. And the process design is generally based on processing capacity, plant layout, automation degree of production line and other factors.

  • Oil Seeds Selection and Shelling: screen the harvested sunflower seeds to remove the impurities, next, peel the shells of the sunflower seeds and separate the shells from the sunflower kernels to obtain the pure sunflower kernels.
  • Roasting: roasting the sunflower kernels to regulate the temperature and humidity of sunflower seeds as well as their internal structure in order to improve the oil yield.
  • Oil Pressing: pressing the roasted sunflower kernels, squeezing out the oil drops under pressure and separating the sunflower meal to obtain crude oil.
  • Oil Refining Processincluding processing steps of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization, which can make the grease clear and translucent with no strange smell.


Q: How many Litres of oil does 1 kg of sunflower seeds produce?
A: 1 kg of sunflower seeds can produce 1/1.398 litre of sunflower oil = 0.71 liter of sunflower oil = 715 ml of sunflower oil under ideal conditions. Explanation: The amount of oil that can be extracted from any oil seed depends on the amount of oil that a particular batch of oil seed contains.

Q: What is the yield of sunflower per hectare?
A: Under irrigation or sufficient rainfalls and soil moisture, an experienced farmer can achieve a crop yield of 4.0 t/ha (3569 lbm/ac). In oil-type sunflowers, in most cases the oil yield can range between 1 and 3 t/ha (892 and 2,2677 lbm/ac) when no limiting factors occur.

Q: How much sunflower seeds is required to make 1 liter of oil?
A: The oil type sunflower seeds, which are used for extraction of oil, contain about 38 to 50% oil and about 20% protein. In other terms, 1.398 kg of sunflower seeds can produce one litre (1 lit) of oil.

Q: How much oil is extracted from 100 kg sunflower?
A: Generally, the oil content rate of the sunflower kernel is 45%-54%, the oil yield of the sunflower kernel will be 35%-37%, so if you press 100kg sunflower kernel, you will get near 35-37kg oil.

Q: Which sunflower seed is best for oil production?
A: The black sunflower seeds hold the most oil and the Russian cultivar, the Black Peredovik sunflower, are oilseed sunflowers used the most. It was bred as a sunflower oil production crop. The Black Peredovik sunflower seeds are medium-sized and deep black.