Parameters Table 





Power Voltage Weight(kg) Oil cake diameter Residual oil rate


60 MPa


380V 590 185mm


6YY-230A 8.5 60 MPa


380V 924 230mm


6YY-230B 9.5 60 MPa


380V 950 230mm


6YY-250 11 60 MPa


380V 1070 250mm


6YY-270 13.5 60 MPa


380V 1230 270mm


6YY-300 16 60 MPa


380V 1600 300mm


6YY-335 20 60 MPa


380V 1750 335mm


6YY-355 23 60 MPa


380V 2350 355mm


There are different can meet your demands, the customization also can be accepted.

aw material

Cooking oil processing equipment Hydraulic Screw Cold and Hot Oil press machine is suitable for the pressing of various materials: sesame, walnut, chestnut, cashew, pine nuts, baobab seed, cocoa butter, Argan nuts, avocados, olives, grape seeds, camellia seeds, prickly pear seeds etc.

Working principle of hydraulic oil press machine:

The Motor offers power to Hydraulic Box to squeeze the kinds of materials up and down in the kettle, through the Control System control the working pressure and temperature, stop working when the pressure over the set point(60mpa) automatically, when the pressure reduces to about 50mpa the machine will work again, this cyclic processing can squeeze materials roundly and improve the oil yield.

Main Features:

Green health & Energy saving & Save labor and long life & High oil recovery

Widely used & Small footprint & Quick cost recovery

Machine structure:

Oil cake can be reused:

1.Making pastries, snacks and etc.
2.As fertilizer to grow vegetables or fertilize flowers.
3.As feeds, the oil cake is rich in protein which is the main ingredient of the feed.

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