Oil presses can be divided into screw presses and hydraulic presses according to their functions.
1. Hydraulic oil press
The hydraulic oil press is a traditional small oil press, and the production process is intermittent. The characteristics of the process are low operating technical requirements, high oil yield, good crude oil quality, but high labor intensity. The applicable occasions of hydraulic oil press are: small processing capacity, small workshop production, single daily processing capacity is about 1 ton.
2. Screw oil press
The automatic screw oil press is an oil press that can be operated continuously. The technical characteristics are: low operating technology requirements, high oil yield, poor crude oil quality compared with hydraulic oil presses, and lower labor intensity than hydraulic oil presses. The application of the automatic screw oil press is: small processing capacity, small workshop production, and the daily processing capacity of a single machine is about 2-8 tons.
3. Large and medium-sized spiral oil press unit
The screw press unit is suitable for large and medium-sized, continuous, large-capacity oil plants. The technical characteristics are: continuous production, low labor intensity, and high oil yield.
1. Production process of rapeseed oil pressing equipment:
1. Cold pressing process: rapeseed → cleaning and removing impurities → cold pressing → cold pressing crude oil → coarse filtration → refining → cold pressing oil → rapeseed cake
2. Hot pressing process: rapeseed→cleaning and impurity removal→steaming and frying→squeezing oil→precipitation→refining→tea oil; main equipment composition: hoist, cleaning sieve, steaming pan, oil press, filter, crude oil Temporary storage box,
2. Production process of rapeseed oil crude oil refining equipment
Crude oil-alkali refining-degumming-decolorization-deodorization-go to dewaxing workshop (or refined oil workshop)
Main equipment composition: refining tank, decolorizing tank, deodorizing tank, heat conduction oil furnace, filter, etc.
3. Process of rapeseed oil dewaxing equipment
In the processed fats, the waxiness inherent in the fats can be separated from the fats through the winterization dewaxing process, which enhances the nutritional value of the fats and improves the taste and quality of the fats.
Main equipment composition: refrigerator, filter, crystallization tank, refined oil tank, etc.