Castor oil, extracted from castor seed, is widely used in many industries, such as biofuel oil, lubricant, paint, pharmaceutical, textiles etc. The major importing areas for castor oil is European Union, Africa, Japan, China, Thailand. Castor oil has very strong export demands around the world. Therefore, there are great potential to start castor oil processing business.


100TPD Castor Oil Processing Plant to Zambia

Recently, we successfully exported a 100TPD castor oil processing plant to Zambia. The customer of this order is our new customer who plant castor seeds himself, he bought the equipment for his own use, the raw materials is shelled castor seeds, the finished castor seed oil is for sale.

  • Raw Material: Hulled castor seeds
  • Final Product Use: Industrial Additives
  • Main Equipment: Cooking Machine, Oil Press Machine, Oil Filter Machine and Conveyor
  • Oil Processing Technology: Castor Seeds→Cooking→Pressing→ Filtering→Clean Oil

How to Start Castor Oil Processing Business?

Now, the market of castor oil is rising increasingly due to its wide applications, and many people are interested in entering into castor oil manufacturing industry. However, most of them are lack of experiences in oil processing. Here are some tips on how to start a small scale castor oil processing plant.

First of all, you need know some basic knowledge about the setting up of a castor oil processing plant, including the oil processing methodsoil processing machine and oil production process. castor oil processing plant essentially uses mechanical oil pressing technology. There are many benefits of using mechanical oil pressing method. These equipment save energy and reduce the investment cost of castor oil production, which is relatively attractive compared to other types of oil processing plants. However, the specific cost of setting up a castor oil processing plant depends on the capacity, equipment and oil processing technique chosen.

Then, there also have many things that you should take into consideration, including plant location, factory layout, raw material supply, onsite installation and commissioning, investment capitals, marketing strategies, and more. In order to ensure the success of the castor oil processing business, it is recommended to have a complete consideration of the whole business.

Castor Oil Processing Machine Video