If you plan to set up a sunflower oil mill plant in Zimbabwe, you will be curious about the total cost of setting up a sunflower oil mill plant. Here I will briefly introduce to you the cost structure of setting up a sunflower oil mill plant.

Generally, the total cost of establishing a sunflower oil mill plant will be decided by many factors, including: land cost, raw material cost, sunflower oil processing machine cost, labor cost and so on. Next let’s learn about them detailedly .

1. Land cost

To build a sunflower oil mill plant, land is essential. The small-scale sunflower oil mill plant does not require too much land area, because it only need to buy key sunflower oil machine such as sunflower oil press machine, . If the processing capacity is more than 20tpd, it is necessary to equip the sunflower oil production line, which requires a larger land area.

2. Raw material cost

Only sufficient sunflower seeds can guarantee the normal operation of the sunflower oil mill. So you need to find a stable and reliable sunflower seeds supplier before starting sunflower oil processing business in Zimbabwe.

3. Sunflower oil processing machine cost

The most important part of the cost of setting up a sunflower oil mill plant is machinery cost. The price of different machinery is also different. If you purchase a sunflower oil press machine to meet the production needs, the machinery cost will be lower, is about : $1,200-1,500. But if you want to purchase complete set of sunflower oil processing machine, the machinery cost will be vary, as for the exact cost of the sunflower oil processing machine, you need to confirm with equipment supplier.

4. Labor costs

Depending on the degree of automation of your sunflower oil mill plant, the labor cost of setting up your plant will also vary. If you choose a highly automated sunflower oil production line, your labor costs will be reduced. If you choose to buy the key equipment and the other jobs are replaced by manual labour, the labor cost will be increased.

The above is a brief analysis of the cost of setting up a sunflower oil mill plant in Zimbabwe, of course, it is not comprehensive. If you want to start sunflower oil processing business and want to learn about more details, welcome to contact us, Henan Glory Company’s project manager will guide you more.