Rapeseed oil is what we commonly call rape oil, also called rapeseed oil, coriander oil, canola oil, sesame oil, canola oil, and is a kind of edible oil squeezed out of rapeseed. It is one of the main edible oils in my country. It is mainly produced in the Yangtze River Basin, southwest, northwest and other places, and its output ranks first in the world.

1. Production process of rapeseed oil pressing equipment:

Rapeseed→cleaning→steaming and frying→squeezing→filtering→crude oil→going to the refining workshop

1. The complete set of rapeseed oil processing equipment developed by Henan Taixing Grain and Oil Machinery Company is mainly hot pressing of rapeseed, but also cold pressing;

2. Using cleaning, removing impurities, steaming and squeezing technology, the squeezed oil has a light color, low acid value and high nutritional value.

3. The benzopyrene index that customers are more concerned about is solved in the pressing process, and the nutrients are fully maintained.

4. The oil press adopts a screw press, the output of this machine can be adjusted, the residual oil is low, and the production efficiency is high.

2. Refining process:

1. Brief description:

This workshop adopts the intermittent refining production process. According to the type and quality of crude oil, the process parameters can be adjusted and different refining methods can be selected to produce first, second and third grade edible oil; the process equipment we provide has the following advantages:

Flexible and convenient adjustment, even if the quality of raw materials changes slightly, it can still be produced normally;

Maximum heat utilization, significant energy saving effect;

The fully enclosed production process avoids the oxidation of grease and ensures the high quality and stability of the product;

The appearance of the equipment is clean and beautiful, the equipment has a long warranty time, and lifelong after-sales service;

2. Scale and raw materials:

The treatment capacity is 1-200t/d, taking the daily treatment of 3t rapeseed oil as an example

3, product index:

rapeseed oil product oil meets the national standard GB19111-2003 standard (first and third grade)

4. Main economic and technical indicators:

4.1 Total installed capacity of refining workshop: 26.7kw; fuel and electricity consumption per ton 55kw/h

4.2 Water consumption: Circulating water 0.8t/ton oil

4.3 Consumption of auxiliary materials: caustic soda 3.5kg/ton oil; activated clay 20_40kg/ton oil

4.4 Refining consumption:

Neutralization alkali refining: When the crude oil W value ≤ 3%, it is 0.3+1.25×W%+0.3%

When the W value of crude oil is ≥3%, it is 1.35×W%+0.3%

Decolorization: Residual oil of clay residue≦25%

Deodorization: 0.3%+FFA%