Edible oil plays an extremely important role in people’s lives. It is inseparable from edible oil as a basis for all kinds of delicious dishes. Therefore, the universal applicability of various catering also makes the safety of edible oil the top priority of people’s attention. Heavy. For the question of how to produce high-quality edible oil, I believe that many people’s answer is to use hydraulic oil presses. So what is the mysterious effect of this equipment? Today we will take a look at how this oil press equipment works.

For hydraulic equipment, when the oil press is running, the processed material embryo will enter the press chamber through the hopper, and then the oil will be activated and separated from the material embryo through the movement of the inner wall of the press chamber. Its main working power is to inject hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder to push the wall of the pressing chamber to move to realize the oil pressing process. Through hydraulic control, the heating temperature of the oil can be lowered, so that the content of unsaturated fatty acids in plants can be more effectively retained, and high temperature can avoid destroying the biological properties of protein molecules, and effectively produce more delicious and nutritious edible oil. For the common blending oils and nutrient oils in the market, most of them are produced by hydraulic oil presses, because the hydraulic system has better sealing and technology, and can produce edible oil without destroying the oil molecules as much as possible. Therefore, it is also the most effective production method to retain plant nutrition. For many manual oil presses in an era where technology needs to be further improved, choosing hydraulic oil presses will definitely be a wise choice now.