The hot and cold dual-purpose oil press is simple and convenient to operate, healthy and hygienic in eating, which meets the demands of small family population, low consumption, and ready-to-use squeezing. Waste oil, good and bad soil squeezing oil, has caused the whole society to pay attention to the health of edible oil because it seriously endangers people’s health.
The small-scale hot and cold oil press presses oil. The appearance of this machine is very similar to a large coffee machine. The top is a discharge port. The operating buttons are set in front of the discharge port. There are related options such as production process and fragrance. “Oil extraction by yourself is definitely healthier than the edible oil sold in the supermarket. The person in charge of the oil mill said. “500 grams of peanuts can produce about 250 grams of freshly squeezed oil, but you cannot squeeze soybean oil. The peanut oil in supermarkets can cost hundreds of dollars, and you can directly squeeze the oil. You can watch it live, which is not only healthy but also cheap. Cannot squeeze soybean oil because the smell of freshly squeezed soybean oil is relatively strong, and most people may not be used to it. “Soybean oil in supermarkets is also a blended oil, which is not used directly.”

The technology of the hot and cold oil press is very advanced, including two functions of cold pressing and hot pressing, and can provide three different flavors at the same time. “You can squeeze peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and other oils.” As long as the raw materials are put into the machine, no manual operation is required. The machine will operate automatically, and the freshly squeezed oil will flow directly from the oil outlet, and a filter is provided to filter the residue.