• Project Name: 10TPD Soybean Oil Refining Plant
  • Project Location: In Nigeria
  • Investment Purpose: Customer buy crude soybean oil from africa and he invests in 10 ton/day batch soybean oil refining mill business in Nigeria.
  • Soybean Oil Manufacturing Process: The soybean oil refining production process is chemical refining, the refining process is neutralization, washing, decolorization, filtration and deodorization. After refining, the finished oil is blown, filled, capped, labeled and coded.
  • Machines in the soybean oil refining production line: Two 100-ton crude oil tanks and one 100-ton stainless steel finished oil tank.

Soybean Oil Refining Production Technology and Process

How to start your own soybean oil making process with best business plan? Establishing a soybean oil processing plant can save costs and achieve maximum profit.The main focus of the soybean oil refining plant is how to save effort and resources when making finished soybean oil. A complete soybean oil processing plant should be able to provide edible refined oil.

Refined Soybean Oil Production & Major Producing Countries
No.1 China
No.2 United States
No.3 Brazil
No.4 Argentina
No.5 European Union

Crude Soybean Oil – Degumming – Deacidification – Decolorizating – Deodorizating – Soybean Oil

Crude soybean oil can be obtained from soybean extraction plant or soybean oil pressing plant. However, crude soybean oil still have some impurities that is insoluble or soluble. For cooking, these impurities must be removed from the crude soybean oil. Detailed process of soybean oil refining is offered below.

Degumming is to remove impurities, like phospholipid, gum, and protein, and other, by adding hot water or dilute acid, alkali, salt and other electrolyte solution into the crude soybean oil. As a result, the colloidal impurities absorb water, expand and coagulates, finally are separated from soybean oil.

Deacidification is to add alkali to neutralize the free fatty acids (FFAs) and lead to the formation of fatty acid salt (soap) and water. Then, some impurities are absorbed in soap and all sank and separated from the soybean oil.

Decolorizating is to adsorb the pigment and other impurities in crude soybean oil by adsorbents and remove the adsorbents and impurities through filtration to achieve the purpose of decolorization and purification.

Deodorizating is to remove the smelly substance from soybean oil. The most wide used method of deodorization for soybean oil refinery plant is vacuum deodorizating.

Soyabean Oil Refinery Plant Machinery Photos