Sunflower oil is an ingredient naturally derived from sunflower seed. It is also an ingredient used throughout the world to improve the quality of food. Cooking with butter is usually considered bad, but if you use the oil effectively and gradually, your body will be useful. The use of sunflower oil in the preparation of most dishes can be useful for food and even improve them. This article describes how to process cooking oil from sunflower.

If in the past you have experienced how olives are squeezed between two bowls until they produce a liquid. This is the same concept as sunflower seeds in the production of sunflower oil.

Another term for squeezing sunflower seeds is cold pressing. No chemicals are used to produce sunflower oil, but when cold pressed, no heat is produced. This is a natural way to get sunflower oil that is healthy for human consumption.

Cooking oil from sunflowers also called refined oil because it has not undergone many processes that have become the consistency that we all know. The taste is also more noticeable and more complete. The only disadvantage of getting outdated methods of processing sunflower oil is that it is not roasted properly, because it does not withstand extremely high temperatures.


Recently, one unit of 15 TPD sunflower oil extracting machine Congo is setup, the customer has business plan to start the oil extraction factory and his raw material is sunflower oil cake.

Sunflower oil extracting machine, mainly uses the working principle of solid and liquid separation to separate the oil, usually used inprocessing the left oil cake with high oil content from the oil pressing factory or directly extracting the pretreated oil materials with low oil content, suitable for making edible sunflower oil for sale or investing the oil production industy as business plan.

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How to Make Sunflower Oil?

People who are interested in edible oil mill business or sunflower oil making making may want to know how to make sunflower seeds oil or what equipment required for sunflower oil production? And how much would cost to build a complete sunflower oil manufacturing factory?

Before starting to make sunflower oils, first you should make it clear what is the purpose of your sunflower oil production. Is it just for home use or farm use? Or it is for business purpose. If just for home use, it is pretty simple to make sunflower seed oil. Just buy a mini or home use sunflower seed oil press machine, you can extract sunflower oil at home. However, if it is for commercial purpose, either in small scale or large scale, it is necessary to equip professional sunflower oil production equipment to improve the oil production efficiency and lower the oil production cost.

Advantages of Sunflower Oil Extracting Machine

  • Lower price and more acceptable: although the price of small sunflower seed making machine will vary from the functional configuration and the machines capacity, they are generally cheaper that large-scale oil press machine hence more acceptable to a majority of customers.
  • Fewer requirements for operation: Both large and small oil pressing machines performs all the function necessary for edible oil production. However, small scale sunflower seed oil press machine are more convenient because they require fewer operation conditions like small space of operation.
  • Less labor requirement: Most small scale oil pressing machines only requires 2 to 3 person to run the whole line
  • Functional: small-scale oils pressing machines for sunflower seed are capable of handling both hot and cold pressing, other than that, they can also be used to press other types of oil seeds.

Main Commercial Sunflower Oil Production Process

  • Sunflower Seeds Pretreatment Process

Select qualified sunflower seeds is the first step in the sunflower oil processing plant, the oil content had better be 30-50%. And the seed material contains certain impurities like sediment, stones, iron, filings, etc. which should be removed by cleaning sieve and magnetic separator.The next steps are peeling, cooking, softening and flaking etc. Among them, peeling before pressing is a very important step. If pressing with shell, the sunflower oil will contain more wax resulting large pressure in the later oil refining process. The shell absorbs oil, easy to cause oil loss. And the fiber in the shell will increase the wear of oil pressing machine.

  • Sunflower Oil Pressing Process

For sunflower oil production, physical mechanical pressing method is to produce sunflower oil out from sunflower seeds. It is designed with screw oil press machine to ensure high oil output, low energy consumption and less labor cost. Most important, compared to solvent plant, the investment cost is relatively small.

  • Crude Sunflower Oil Refining Process

If you make sunflower oil for cooking or for sale, it should be refined by sunflower oil refining machine. The refined sunflower oil has bright color, high nutrition value and good taste. The steps of sunflower oil refining are basically the same as those of other vegetable oils, including degumming, alkali refining, decolonization, deodorization, and dewaxing. After that, we get oil from sunflower seeds successfully.