Soybean oil is a globally widely consumed oil, occupying an important position in the world of vegetable oil production and consumption, and in recent years, the consumption of soybean oil has been maintaining a rising trend year by year. As a result, starting a soybean oil processing plant has become a hot investment project.

To create the best soybean oil processing plant, you should first understand the soybean oil manufacturing plant equipment and the local demand for soybean oil. This will determine how large a capacity soybean oil plant you need to open.  Soybean oil plants have both oil pressing and refining processes, and different specifications require varying amounts of equipment, and therefore, the investment price for a soybean oil production plant is also different.

Soybean oil production line processing equipment manufacturers customize small, medium and large soybean oil extraction and refining machinery.

Our company is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of grain and oil processing equipment  with strong capability to build soybean oil plants at low cost, which can produce a wide range of edible oils such as palm oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, castor oil, peanut oil and so on. Besides, we provide one-stop service for soybean oil business, including equipment selection, soybean oil plant layout design, related equipment installation and commissioning, worker training, etc. 

How to set up a complete budget for setting up a soybean oil processing plant?

For those who plan to invest in soybean oil processing or soybean oil processing production, the cost of setting up a soybean oil plant is a major concern at the initial stage of their business plan. Here is a detailed overview of the main factors affecting the cost estimate for setting up a soybean oil plant.

  • 1. Design Scale for Your Soybean Oil Plant

As a first step, you need to determine your soybean oil plant investment cost. Is it large or small? The amount of investment, the amount of revenue, the payback period and the time to build the plant all have a lot to do with the amount of soybean oil to be produced. The pictures below show our hot selling equipment for soybean oil pressing and refining for home and commercial use respectively.(Learn more: hot press large capacity pre pressing oil presser expeller machine ethiopia >>)

  • 2.Raw material cost

When it comes to soybean oil plants, an important raw material is soybeans. The cost of obtaining this raw material is greatly influenced by a number of factors. The first is the quality of the soybeans you are looking for. The price of precious metals such as gold can also affect the price of soybeans. Fluctuations in the stock market, the rise and fall of currency exchange rates, and the type of soybeans (whether sourced locally or internationally) all play an important role in determining the price of these raw materials.

  •  3.Equipment Costs

How much a plant will cost for a soybean oil processing machine depends largely on the type of machine you need to run your soybean oil plant. The cost of setting up a soybean oil processing plant is largely determined by the machine. If you’re looking for a high-priced machine, you can find a grain mill that sells for up to $1.4 million. But before you proceed to buy equipment, you need to know the capacity you want for your plant. (Read more: Cooking Oil Extraction Machine Hot Sale in Kenya >>)

  •  4.Labor Costs

In a soybean oil processing plant, you will need labor in different departments. They will help ensure that production runs smoothly and efficiently. But before you think about labor costs, think about how big your plant will be. Have you thought about how many workers you will need? Remember, the larger your plant, the more employees you will need. This is a major factor in determining what your labor costs will be. Another factor is the different skill levels of the workforce to be hired. In order to get experienced and skilled employees, you will need to pay more. Because you may need more unskilled workers than skilled workers, you will also have to pay more for those employees.

Be sure to know how much labor is needed to make the plant as productive as possible. This will help you estimate labor costs well.

  •  5.Land Cost

Buying land can be very technical because it is a commodity – it is always appreciating in value. When you know the raw materials needed and how much labor is required, you should proceed to pick a location where you want to set up your soybean oil plant. Just like raw materials, the availability and price of land is influenced by many factors. Will the land be located somewhere in the city, or will it have to be purchased in the city? How big a piece of land is needed? Is it a few acres or a few hectares? Depending on the location, you can find land priced at $190,000 and up.

Features of soybean oil production line:

1.Wide application for a great number of vegetable plant seed.
2.Small investment, fewer land space, but with the complete function of oil processing to get higher oil yield.
3.Easier to operate, easier to install and commissioning.
4.Need fewer labor than single oil press machine, with considerable design, it only needs 2~3 persons to running the whole line.
5.The semi- continuous can avoid the unstable material feeding caused by manual and make the worker safety more under the higher temperature working situation.