Screw oil press machine is widely used for family and small oil plant etc, the capacity is not very big, but it is an advanced oil press with the leading technology, characterizes by simple design. It is easy operation, energy saving, low noise and high oil output rate.

The oil expeller is capable of cold and hot extruding of peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cotton seed, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and cacao, canola etc.

Model Capacity Power(kw) Size Weight(kg)
6YL-68 oil press machine 50kg/h 5.5 920*480*760 140
6YL-80 oil press machine 100kg/h 5.5 1320*540*1020 330
6YL-95 oil press machine 150-200kg/h 7.5 1940*700*780 550
6YL-100 oil press machine 200kg/h 7.5 1700*600*1130 480
6YL-120 oil press machine 250kg/h 11 1650*630*1260 680
6YL-160/zx130 oil press machine 10-12T/24H 15 2050*820*1400 820
6YL-180/ZX160 oil press machine 13-18T/24H 18.5 2020*680*1460 980

The main processing oil crops:coconut,soybean,rapeseeds,copra,cottonseeds,peanut,sunflower,

tea seed,gendarmerie seeds,rapeseed/canola,peanut kernel,olive,walnut kernel,maize germ,rice bran,teaseed,sallow thron seed,chinaberry seed,rubber seed,china pepper seed,tomato seed,

water melon seed,grape seed,flax seed,Oenothera seed,pepper seed,castor seed,orange seed,

cocoa bean,,coffee bean,,perilla,almond kernel,peach seed kernel,hemp,avocado,sunflower,

sacha inchi,hazelnut,Xanthoceras,Moringa Seeds,Peony Seed,Shea Butter,Camellia oil,Walnut oil,Safflower seed,perilla seeds,Hemp seed,White sesame seeds,AlmondsCastor bean,linseed,



1) High oil yield(the rate of the outlet oil>93%), residual oil of the cake is less, crude oil is clearer;

2) The machine’s material is better, the accessories are wear resistance and long service life after quenching conditioning treatment;

3) The gear-box’s gears adopt the special helical & couping gear’s design, with the lower load, less consumption and low noise.

Features for Oil Press

The others’ characteristic is the simple structure, easy operation, energy saving, low noise, high rate of oil, adaptability and continuous operations.