Product parameters

You can choose the model according to the demand, the model is different, the price and capacity are not the same, the details can consult customer service*sunflower—cleaning—crushing—softening—flaking—drying—to extraction workshop

cleaning screen and de-stoner (sunflower oil press production line)

Product Application
Oil press machine for a wide variety of seeds including dried larvae .
The multifunctional oil press uses the action of mechanical external force to make the oil distributed on the inner and outer surfaces of the material embryo generate heat after being pushed and squeezed by the screw shaft, and escape from the adsorption force of the material embryo and overflow. This process of squeezing out the oil is called oil extraction.


This oil press machine can process many different oil seeds, such as sunflower seed, peanut, soybean, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, Canola, Copra, Palm kernel, Castor seeds, Corn germs, Mustard seed, Moringa seed etc different oil seeds. If you want to process other seeds or materials, feel free to contact us, we’ll recommend the right oil machine for you.

Working Principle

After the power is decelerated, it is transmitted to the main shaft. With the rotation of the pressing screw installed on the main shaft, the oil between the threads is continuously pushed forward. Because the space between the pressing chamber and the pressing screw is gradually reduced, the density of the oil is increased, so the pressure is gradually increased. In the process of pressing, because the machine is automatically heated by force, the temperature of the main engine of the machine body is increased through the automatic temperature control device, so as to reduce the labor intensity, the wear of the machine body, save labor, power and time, and the friction between the oil particles and between the oil and parts produces heat. In this way, the pressure and heat of the oil extraction process are two major elements, which destroy the tissue cells of the oil, oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out between the cake head and the cake mouth. When the spilled oil flows into the oil filtering barrel through the oil pan, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the barrel. When the negative pressure is formed in the barrel, the oil is pumped into the barrel through the filter cloth, and the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth, then the pure oil is obtained.

Performance advantages of oil press

1. It has collected more advanced manufacturing technology of oil press machinery at home and abroad, all of which are made of national standard steel and spare parts, with the characteristics of compact design, thick and stable, convenient installation, durable, beautiful and generous. Its service life is more than three times that of other ordinary oil presses. It can be used for a long time through the supply of accessories from manufacturers.
2. The function of automatic control of temperature rising of frying seeds and pressing chamber is added, which changes the traditional way of temperature rising of dry cake grinding and pressing, shortens the preparation time, reduces the energy consumption and the wear of the machine, and prolongs the service life of the machine. If the production is interrupted, the pressing chamber can also be automatically insulated, and the multi-stage pressure propulsion and reasonable filtering system are adopted to improve the oil pressing efficiency and oil quality.

3. All purpose press, one machine for multiple purposes. It can squeeze peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, oil sunflower, tea seed, Tung seed, castor, almond, hemp seed, safflower oil seed and other oil crops.

4. It is universal in North and south, suitable for all seasons: because the oil pan device adopts the heating and temperature control system, it can automatically adjust the crude oil temperature according to the change of the ambient temperature, so as to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration, so as to ensure the normal production under various climatic conditions.

The press method of multi-functional oil press for various oils:

1. Sesame seeds: stir fry the seeds to light gray before pressing. There is a phenomenon of bursting. When kneading the seeds by hand, the oil will flow out. Stir fry the seeds with high fire. The temperature is 120-150 degrees, and the thickness of the cake is 0.7-1.5mm. Stir fry the seeds properly. The oil flow out of the cake is smooth. There is basically no residue in the oil. The cake is in a long shape and is dried once.
2. Rapeseed: because the water content of raw materials in North and south is different, add 4-6 before frying, and not in South (depending on the water content of raw materials), first stir fry the rapeseed with high fire until it is hot, and then stir fry it with low fire until it is brownish red. During the process of frying, do not add water. When pressing, the temperature of rapeseed is 120-130 degrees, and the water content is about 1-1.5. Whether the fried seeds are suitable can flow oil out of cake State observation of. The fried seeds are suitable, the oil flow out of the cake is smooth, and there is basically no residue in the oil. The thickness of the cake is 1-1.5mm, in small flakes, brownish red.
3. Peanut kernel: soak the peanut kernel once before frying. During the process of frying, add proper amount of water to make the kernel keep good softness and sufficient water. Fry the kernel until it is eight mature. Knead the kernel by hand to separate the kernel from the skin. Break the kernel into two petals and press it. The cake is 0.7mm thick and has long wrinkles. The oil is discharged smoothly.
4. Cottonseed Kernel: stir fry the oil until it is light yellow before pressing. The temperature is 120-130 ºC, and the thickness of the cake is 1-1.5mm (the moisture content in the South and north is different, so properly control the moisture content).
5. Soybean: stir fry until it burst and edible before pressing, the temperature is 120-130 ºC, and the cake thickness is 0.7mm. It is dried over and over again, but the cake material dried over and over burnt, which makes it lose a lot. Generally, the process of twice pressing is adopted. Stir fry the soybeans until they are six or seven ripe. The temperature is 80-100 ° C, the moisture is 5-6, the thickness of the first cake is 1.52mm, and the thickness of the second cake is 0.7mm. The cake is long and wrinkled, with high oil yield and large processing capacity.