Max Capacity:450-500 kg/h
Showroom Location:tanzania
Type:Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Production Capacity:150-200KG/H,3.5-5T/24H
Weight:910 KG
Core Components:Motor, Pressure vessel, Pump, PLC, Gear, Bearing, Engine, Gearbox, Other
Oil type:Flax Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Rap seed oil, Tea Seed Oil, Basil oil, SESAME OIL, Pinenut oil, sunflower seed oil, Almond Oil, walnut oil, Peanut Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil
Application:sunflower oil
machine material:Carbol Steel

Oil press machine is made of high carbon steel with high-frequency quenching and heat-resistant treatment. Therefore, this machine has high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, can adapt to high temperature and high pressure continuous operation.
Each machine is made under strict quality control, will be tested before shipping.This Screw Oil Press Machine is mainly used for the individual processing of oil press. This product belongs to a kind of hydraulic automatic oil press.
It adopts vacuum filter, has automatic temperature control function. The pressed oil is of high quality and high output. And the normal rate can be two to three percentage points higher than that of older equipment. Almost all oil crops can be squeezed by the Screw Oil Press Machine, including peanuts, soybeans, oilseeds, rapeseed, walnuts. (Read more: Manufacturing Cooking Oil Machine for Sunflower Oil Tanzania)

The detail description of  Soybean Oil Press Machine

1. It can save labour and save cost : only 1 or 2people can finish the production.

2. Widely used to press various kinds of oil materials, like soybean, sunflower seeds,

peanut, sesame,rapeseeds, flax seed, camellia, cotton seed, cashew, hemp seed, linseeds, coconut,and all the oil content crops.

3. Different oil materials have different oil yielding.

4. Small-land using: only 10-20square maters can meet the need of production.

5. The oil left in cake is less than 6% . And cake thickness can be adjusted once the machine stop running.

6. It is easy to operate . When operating, you should do as the instruction .


Roaster Machine

Coal /electricity /gas heating fire nut gram roaster coffee bean roasting machine can be used for the pretreatment of oil seeds, cooperating with oil pressing machine, to improve the oil yield.

 Available for all kinds of oil seeds pretreatment and dehydration, making them dry and improving the oil yield.


screw conveyor for handling dry bulk solids such as flakes, grains, powders, seeds and granules. The conveyor provides enclosed transfer while moving materials-horizontally, vertically or at an incline and can deliver materials from one or more inlet points to one or more discharge points. It usually consist of a trough or tube containing either a spiral blade coiled around a shaft, driven at one end and held at the other, or a “shaftless spiral”, driven at one end and free at the other.

oil press machine

Automatic Soybean Oil Press Machine peanut extraction machine suitable for rapeseed, peanut, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, sesame seed, tea seed, walnut, olive, corn germ, rice bran, safflower seed, seeds of hippophae rhamnoides and so on. (Related post: Oil Extraction Machine >>)

Automatic spiral oil press machine is mainly composed of electric control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filter components.

centrifugal oil filter

sunflower oil refining machine/crude oil refining machine/mustard oil refining machine with heating and temperature controlling device, appropriately increasing the oil temperature can reduce oil viscosity and oil and water binding capacity, to improve the effect of oil-water separation.
small size, large processing flow, easy to operate, can be used to flow.

oil refing machine

oil refining machine is used to process crude oil which is pressed by oil press machine.

This Small oil refining machine have the functions of dephosphorization, deacidification and dehydration.Through the processes of the oil refinery machine, the product oil can reach the edible standard.

It is suitable for refining various crude oil, vegetable oil, such as sunflower seed oil, tea seed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, groundnut oil and so on.

oil filling machine

The machine adopts the weighing type quantitative filling principle, monitors the current filling volume and feeds it back to the controller, and the controller outputs fast, medium and slow filling control signals according to the set data. Enables fast and accurate filling of larger filling sizes. PLC control, English touch screen operation, only need to input the weight parameters, the system automatically calculates the fast addition value and the slow addition value.